Museum of Geology

Facolta' di scienze dell'Universita, Piazzale A. Moro

Visit on appointment (Tel. 06/49914825 Fax 06/4463068).
Description: The Geology Museum of the Earth Science of the Rome University "La Sapienza", was established by Giuseppe Ponzi, the first tenured of the chair of Geology, founded in 1864 by Pio IX at the Roman Archigymnasium. Nowadays in the museum, are displayed samples of stones collected in the center of Italy, "marbles" collection (among which the prestigious one of the "Ancient Marbles" of Tommaso Belli and the Marble Collection of Edward Dodwell (1736-1832), panes by theme (above all about geological risks), a section dedicated to the water in Rome (aqueducts, floods, roman coast) and three plastic models about volcanos and about the center of the earth derived by lithographs of the 15th century of Athanasius Kircher; besides a seismometer, there are various multimedia workspaces, where the guest can choose film segments and applications dedicated to the different peculiarities of geology.

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