Museum of Mount Cetona Prehistory

TEL. 0578/238004

Opening time: Sat. 16-18, Sat. 9.30-12.30, other days on request for groups only (from 16 Oct. to 31 March); Tues. to Sun. 9-13 and 17-19, closed Mon. (from 1 June to 15 Oct.)
Admission charges: full price Lit. 4,000, concessions L. 3,000
public property

Opened in 1990 and arranged according to educational criteria, the museum collects archaeological finds from Belvedere and other prehistorical settlements in the Mount Cetona area. The material on display dates back to the Palaeolithic period and the Bronze Age and is provided with explanatory boards, relief models, and dioramas. The oldest finds consists of the Mousterian lithic production in the Caves of Gosto and St. Francis. The tour also includes a visit to the Caves of Belvedere.

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