National Museum of Archaeology

TEL. 0578/227667

Opening time: Mon. to Sat. 9-14, Sun. 9-13
Admission charge: Lit. 4,000
public property
Recommended by: LBV

The museum maintains one of the most important Etruscan archaeological collections in Italy and also includes a number of Graeco-Roman works of art. It is divided into three sections: the first is devoted to the history of the museum and the various excavation campaigns (remarkable exhibits: some 3rd-century BC alabastrine marble urns and two marble sarcophagi from the Hellenistic period); the second illustrates the development of the local artistic handicraft (vases, embossed bronzes, canopic jars, and cinerary urns); the basement houses a topographical section consisting of archaeological material from recent excavations (from 1930 onwards) in the urban area of Chiusi, in the necropolis and in the territory of Valdichiana. The urn of Larth Sentinates Caesa, found in the tomb of Pellegrina, is particularly noteworthy.

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