San Gimignano 1300

Museo: Via Berignano, 23
Sede Uffici: Via San Giovanni, 50/2
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L'UNESCO e la Commissione Nazionale Italiana per l'UNESCO hanno assegnato il loro PATROCINIO al Museo SanGimignano1300 per le sue attivit didattiche e culturali.

San Gimignano 1300
The galleries of the museum are open every day from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M.
in Via Berignano, 23 in San Gimignano (Siena)

General Informations

Adult: Euro 5
Children: Euro 3
Students: Special rates available
Groups: Special rates available
Wheelchair access


Open: 8 AM
Closed: 8 PM
June to September: closed 11 PM

San Gimignano (SI): the MUSEA Group is pleased to announce the opening of SANGIMIGNANO1300.

The museum, SanGimignano1300, is an ideal opportunity to learn about the architectural, social, and historical aspects of the middle Ages, which after centuries, continue to amaze us with their majestic qualities, advanced construction technologies and resourcefulness.
Located in the old quarters of the Palazzo Ficarelli, in the heart of the city itself, the museum offers a massive reconstruction of the city of San Gimignano dated between the 13th and 14th Century.
The reconstruction scale 1:100 is distributed over a surface of 31 square meters to create a harmonious layout of the 72 tower-houses that have symbolized the power of the city throughout the middle Ages. The tower-houses, facing magnificent buildings owned by merchant and other notable families were built along the famous Francigena road alongside hospitals, convents and churches that hosted pilgrims on their journey from Central Europe to Rome.
This urban complex helps to understand the richness and vibrancy of a medieval metropolis. Each building is not only a miniature replica but a fine ceramic masterpiece: decorations, blackbirds, stucco, character figurines and scenery, all of intricate artisan craftsmanship, achieved through two years of extensive technical-architectural and historical research. All that the city is renowned for throughout the world has been reconstructed to the finest detail, remaining firmly loyal to historical accuracy and with the scope of having each visitor experience the maximum splendour of San Gimignano as did each citizen at that time.
The museum, SanGimignano1300, will peak your curiosity with such reconstructions as the convent of San Francesco (demolished in the 16th Century), and offer broad insights through two multimedia stations where one can observe different stages of development of this ceramic city expanding historical aspects of the Tuscan Middle Ages through a selection of documentaries.
The Museum, SanGimignano1300, aims to celebrate the creative genius that has allowed for the implementation of a major architectural masterpiece, tangible evidence of cultural tradition and civilization of the time, and examples of enterprise, skills and artistic abilities that are still active today.
SanGimignano1300 offers visitors the chance to understand the unfolding of life in a medieval city and to appreciate even more what has been preserved throughout seven centuries of history.

The exhibit course entails:
Via Francigena: a detailed graphic presentation of the Via Francigena;
The city of the beautiful towers: the reconstruction of the entire historic centre of San Gimignano in scale 1:100;
Inside the tower: the reconstruction of an architecturally sectioned tower-house;
A day in the city: staged scenes of moments of medieval life within the city walls;
Timeline: illustrative panels detailing the history of San Gimignano, from the Etruscan age to the present day with an in-depth focus on the medieval period. Visual projection area of documentaries concerning the life and customs of medieval Tuscany;
Outside the walls: staged scenes of moments of medieval life outside the city walls;
Palace life: an architectural reconstruction of a sectioned building;
The reconstruction of the convent of San Francesco, completely demolished in the 16th Century. Scale 1:100;
Multimedia areas with information on each developmental phase of the museum exhibit and in-depth historical and scientific aspects of medieval Tuscany.
The Shop: a Direct Access area for the ready sale of didactic educational material and various items representative of the excellence of Tuscan craftsmanship.

SanGimignano1300s Family

Project Design and Concept
Raffaello Rubino, Michelangelo Rubino

Project Sponsors
Musea srl, IR Holdings International Inc, Rami Design Inc, Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Banca Monteriggioni, ConfArtiginato Senese

Project Support
Biblioteca Comunale di San Gimignano, LArchivio di Stato di Firenze, Camera di Commercio di Siena, Associazione Via Francigena, Provincia di Siena, Regione Toscana, Unesco

General Cooperation
Giovanni Cherubini, Arnaldo Nesti, Franco Cardini, Giuliano Pinto, Giuseppe Picone, Gabriele Borghini, Walter Veltroni, Mario Mare, Rehav Rubin, Boris Zoubok, Luciano Nencioni, Mariella Migliorini, Mario Serchi, Giovanna Lenni, Ivo Ceccarini, Isabella Gagliardi, Anna Benvenuti, Sergio Morieri, Daniele Rossi, Andrea Zorzi, Francesco Gigli

Historical Research
Raffaello Razzi, Lorenzo Giglioli, Iole Vichi Imberciatori, Silvia Dettori, Beatrice Bozzi, Sara Bucalossi, Rossella Bracali, Silvano Mori, Bruno Innocenti, Sergio Mazzini, Fra Fortunato Iozzelli, Fiorenzo Bartalini

Supervision and Coordination
Pietro Bortolotti, Simone Tabani, Jeff Giordano, Antonella Savoldi, Francesca Del Corso

Project Management
Michelangelo e Raffaello Rubino

Artistic and Scenographic Direction
Sergio, Raffaello e Michelangelo Rubino

Graphic Arts
Enrico Guerrini, Mathy Engelen

Graziano De Gregorio

Rami Italia snc

Artists at Work
Marco Ferradini, Marta Bonelli, Erjola Allkushaj, Silke Weigand, Maria Dirsch, Michelangelo, Raffaello e Sergio Rubino

Press and Public Relations
Pietro Bortolotti, Maury Rogoff.

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