Olive Oil

The olive groves in Abruzzi are located in three fundamental areas: to the north, along the first part of the Valleys of the Todino and the Vomano, in the area around Teramo, further to the south, in the Pescara hinterland in the valley of the Tavo and along the strip of hillside parallel to the coast between the towns of Chieti and Vasto. Inland, there are more olive groves in the valley of the Tirino and in the hollow of Sulmona. The characteristic at the bottom of the olive growing culture in Abruzzi is given by the presence of century-old, whole olive groves. These, thanks above all to the existence of particular micro-climates, especially in the hollow where Sulmona is situated and in the more mountainous area in the province of Aquila, allow the trees to prosper, protected by the massif of the Gran Sasso and the Maiella. In some cases, the establishments producing oil are also famous for their wine production, as is the case with Controguerra. The olives are mostly the "gentile" type from Chieti and the "leccino" type.
The oil from Abruzzi has many similarities with that from Tuscany and from Lazio, being very fluid and aromatic.