Liqueurs and Spirits

It is said that the fortunes of the «centerbe» liqueur from Tocco da Casauria were born in 1884 during the cholera epidemic which struck Naples and its kingdom: word passed around saying that the liqueur from Abruzzi, amongst the strongest for its alcohol content, had the ability of preventing contagion, and the diffusion of the product exceeded all expectations. The foundations for this opinion are very much in doubt, but centerbe’s reputation remains intact, the only spirit which really deserves this label: the most notable type is as much as seventy degrees proof.
The reputation of the «aurum» liqueur is just as solid, distilled from quality wines and blended with a distillate of citrus fruits: the name was proposed long ago in 1925 by Gabriele D'Annunzio, sensitive to the pressing needs of publicity as well as to the call of the Muses.
Also part of the patrimony of the region are the «punch», which comes, notwithstanding the Anglo-Saxon name, from the Valle del Sangro, the «aqua Sancta Maria», produced, in fact, at Villa Santa Maria (the "town of the cooks"), the «doppio arancio» from Giulianova, the numerous bitters which, with various labels, contribute to the pleasures of the table.