Lazio occupies the central-western part of the Italian peninsula on the Tyrrheanian sea between the mouth of the Chiarone and the Garigliano rivers.
Its economy is based predominantly on agriculture and cattle-raising. Cereal forms the mainstay of crop cultivation through grain, maize, and oats. Vegetable growing is also highly important through the cultivation of cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, artichokes, onions, garlic and beans. The cultivation of vines and olives is also of great importance. With regard to livestock, sheep tend to dominate, spending much of the summer months in mountainous areas, returning to the Tyrrhenian valleys from September to June where they are kept out in the open, surrounded by wire-fencing, within close range of their shepherd’s hut. The main centres for fishing are Gaeta and Civitavecchia followed by Anzio and Terracina.