As always happens in the culture of regions which, due to their location, find themselves dividing geographical features and natural elements, it is true also for Lombardy, especially in its northern part, that it is important to keep in mind the world of Ticinese and Swiss cookery.
On the other hand, the other Italian regions on which it borders, Piedmont to the West, Emilia to the South and Veneto and Trentino to the East, must be included in the culinary influences on Lombardy. This is a result of the many influences that the cuisine of Lombardy has undergone, though with a certain pragmatism, even in terms of taste. And this is certainly the characteristic of this region, both in the mountainous regions with their diet rich in protein and animal fat, and the vast plains rich in cereals, and obviously in the hilly parts where their best wines originate. The divisions are both geographical and historical, given the different paths that the provinces of this region have run since the dawn of history.