The knowledge of the possibility of finding good truffles in the hillsides of Molise is not widespread, even though the inhabitants of the region dedicate time and energy in search of the prized fungus: the register of the “cavatori” boasts more than seven hundred members (more than four hundred at Campobasso and about three hundred at Isernia), while, in the two provinces, there is just one company which takes care of the diffusion of the truffles in the marketplace. For this reason, the Molise truffle is little known. The most valued variety is the white truffle, also known as “di Alba” because very similar to the one from Piedmont which is, by contrast, very well known. The period of collection, which starts later than in Piedmont, goes from January to March; in the spring months it is possible to collect the less prized variety known as scorzone. Most of the truffles collected in the region are absorbed by the local market. The recipes which include the use of truffles are most of all for first courses, linguine pasta, or other types, simply dressed with butter and truffle; we should also mention the delicious bruschette tartufate (toasted bread with truffle) served as an antipasto particularly in the areas of Petrella, Montagano and Frosolone.