The production of olive oil in Molise is limited but of a very good quality. The main types of olives cultivated are the "gentile di Larino", the "leccino", the "tenera ascolana" and the "nocellare etnea". The areas dedicated to olive cultivation are those of the hillsides around Campobasso, above all at Larino, San Martino in Pensilis and Guglionesi. The differences are minimal and are due both to the different types of olive trees grown and to the characteristics of the land and the altitude of the olive groves. In the area of San Martino in Pensilis, for example, where the olive groves stretch over the hillsides from an altitude going from sixty five to eight hundred metres above sea level, the experts are able to individuate in the oil produced a strong aroma and a fruity flavour which is slightly almondy with hints of artichoke. On the hillsides of Upper Molise, between seven and eight hundred metres above s.l., the olive trees of the types "gentile del Molise", "leccino" and "coratina" produce an oil which is opalesque, yellow-green in colour with an intense aroma and a delicately fruity flavour.
Some farms propose olives preserved in brine which have been prepared in various ways: whole, stoned, preserved in oil, seasoned with chilli pepper and other aromas.