This dish it seems was invented by the oven-workers of Impruneta; it was in fact known as the "peposo alla fornacina" and "peposo dell'Impruneta", the town near Florence famous for its "terracotta" that is still produced today on an industrial level and also handcrafted. The oven-workers from the 1500' s (before pepper - which must be abundant - was too expensive, considered a luxury product that only the lords were allowed) used to cook the part of the meat less valued (ribs, callosity, muscles), the only thing that was allowed them, in a earthenware pot with salt, a lot of pepper (that had to cover the unpleasant smell), oil, wine, garlic and a little tomato preserve, this was placed at the mouth of the oven in a way that the cooking was very long and slow. This method of cooking the meat made it very tender and tasty; it is eaten with a lot of bread and large quantities of wine. There exists also a "peposo alla viareggina": stewed pieces of meat and pig 's trotters first fried lightly with herbs, then moistened with red wine; when the wine has evaporated a little there is added some mature tomatoes and broth. It is a dish made very hot with the abundant use of pepper and very tender due to a slow cooking of at least two hours.