Olive Oil dressing

This word is only used in Tuscany and is of uncertain etymon indicating its use - reserved for the beginning or at the end of a course - to eat raw vegetables dipped in oil and salt (and there are those who add pepper and ultimately vinegar). A use that asks for fresh, tender vegetables and an excellent olive oil and perhaps for this reason it is typical of Tuscany where it is dipped, which is to eat in pinzimonio, every vegetable: from artichokes to carrots, from fennel to celery, of radishes of every type, leeks, small onions etc., etc. Pinzimonio is an antique term, to eat in this way was used widely in the great banquets of the Renaissance, when trays of courses were a real triumph, decorated in a thousand different ways, also with fruit and vegetables that became very quickly, not only decorative, but part of the food when they were eaten at the end of the course, dipped, in the juices from the meats of which they decorated. The juices were then substituted by olive oil, when fresh vegetables were conceived as a dish in itself.