The "garmugia" is a 16th century dish that, it is said by major gastronomers, represented and represents the city of Lucca and its territories. It is about a soup of which Mario Tobino the author has talked much about and has defined it as a dish born exclusively to "treat the rich middle class lucchese" and the Marchioness Maria Luisa Lotteringhi della Stufa, authoress of the wonderful Pranzi and to consider it as a soup to be served for those who are recovering from a long illness. The period most auspicious to prepare the "garmugia" is in the Spring, the season in which there is available small onions, artichokes, asparagus, peas and broan beans, ingredients made from ham, minced beef, beef broth, salt and pepper; and certainly to be added at the end, cubed toasted bread. Naturally the method of cooking preferred is that of the old way, which is in unsalted water on the embers of a fire, but today it is necessary to be content with a slow cooking, obtained by cooking over a very low heat.