Hot Pannicelli

This is a very simple sweet that has no substance (from which there is a saying take some hot pannicelli which means take something little, that doesnt resolve anything). This sweet, composed of two plaits of mixture made of flour, water and egg, is worked until it forms strips like that of tagliatelle; on one strip of about 5 centimetres in length spread some honey and on another strip coat it with some egg yolk. The two pieces are put together with the sides coated in the honey and egg yolk stuck together, and then they are fried in olive oil. As soon as they are taken out of the frying pan, put them on some kitchen roll and coat them with vanilla flavoured icing sugar. This dish, widely used at one time in the aretine countryside, survived as an historical record of culinary use coming from simple cooking, now fallen into disuse for socio-economic reasons and is used on tables in some traditional trattoria restaurants as a research into antique flavours, as a curiosity, an exquisite which counteracts todays culture of fast-food.