A Land, a Wine

Chianti is a historic-geographical regione, symbol of the culture of Tuscan farmworkers, who understand the hills that rise between the mountains of Chianti in the west and the river Arno. Ombrone and Arbia are to the east; and so the territory that embraces the southern part of the province of Florence and the northern part of that of Siena. Hilly areas with a rocky terrain of which it seems miraculous that a thin fertile strata may be so luxuriant, with woods, vines, olives and vegetables.
A geographic region that has a history because of the conflict between Siena and Arezzo and between Florence and Siena, land of saints and fighters, of great artists, of farmworkers and lords, land of hills, of knolls, with farms and villas, castles and parish churches, abbeys and cropped towers, stone hamlets and austere palaces, a land that has, for about five centuries, given life to a wine of which is the most famous of Italy.