Exportation of Oil

Talking about Lucchese oil, it is interesting to know the story of the Bertolli family who began in the first half of the 1800s a small oil, wine and cheese business and opened then in 1875 a banking counter in Piazza San Michele. This small bank specialised in giving credit to those who decided to emigrate to America and became the building block of all their commercial initiatives and products and referral point for the economic recovery of many lucchese business after the second war. And it is through the bank and the emigrants that began the relationship between the Bertolli and many foreign countries. The emigrants, in fact, when they became settled in America, Canada, Brasil and Argentina, asked for general foods that Francesco Bertolli first distributed and then produced their own creating in ten years with the collaboration of his children and grandchildren a true empire. The Bertolli family is a typical example of lucchese activity that is handed down from generation to generation by exclusively the masculine line with an expansion that remains tied to the original workplace expression of the cultural identity. And it was this when the dimension of the business required a certain distance from the city of Lucca, the Bertolli preferred to accede the credit activities and industry to groups that already followed the evolution of the time.