The Wine

The Lucchesia is historically land of large and diffuse production through its exportation of its Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and its industries and handcrafts. And where there is oil there is wine which is always produced from the grapes of wonderful vines of the sweet and light lucchesi hills. Let us remember here these principals: White of the lucchese hills which is obtained from the grapes of Trebbiano Tuscan of about 60%, a little Grechetto, a little Vermentino white. It is a dry and delicate wine that wonderfully accompanies fish dishes and fresh cheeses.White Montecarlo made with 60% Trebbiano grapes with grey Pinot added and Sauvignon. It is a dry wine to be drunk with shellfish. Red Montecarlo made with Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Malvasia black grapes. It is dry and delicate, best with roasts of white meat and semi-mature cheeses. Red of the lucchese hills made from Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Trebbiano tuscan and Vermentino grapes. Is a dry and soft wine that is best with the famous garmuia, with dried vegetables and wild birds. Lucca and its territories is a zone that has preserved its antique traditions in its food production and in its preparation in which a part corresponds to that of Tuscan cooking, in part is characteristic, conserved for centuries with a strong attachment by its inhabitants to the centuries old traditions and not without a certain indifference towards the new innovations that often risk losing the best and most geniune tastes.