The Maremma

Grosseto and the Maremma grossetana

Grosseto, of Etruscan origins, notwithstanding a river source and only a few kilometres from the sea was always tied to the earth with its eating habits. At the time of the Etruscans and Romans infact agriculture was very advanced, making it possible to have hyrdraulic defence works that remain as an archeological testimony. The decadence and the change in the countryside began in the late Middle Ages when there was less work of containment and regolations of the courses of water, and rivers and streams invaded the earth while the outlet to the sea became more difficult due to the cordon of sand dunes. The presence of the sea however did not influence the cooking in this part of Italy which has always been based, nearly exclusively, on that of Siena and of its territories even if deprived, due to its poverty that has been distinguished in many centuries of its history, of the oppulence of the senese banquets.