Influence of French Cooking

We note in this century a certain influence of French cooking as is demonstrated for example spinach cooked in a white besciamella sauce and the Tarlati soup which was perhaps brought by the powerful bishop of Arezzo Guido Tarlati (died in 1327) from the court at Avignon. It is a soup which has the ingredients: chicken, onions, carrots, celery, laurel, flour, butter, cream, salt and pepper. The butter is mixed with a little of the flour and left to brown for five minutes. Then boiling water is added together with the chicken and the chopped herbs.
When the chicken is well cooked it is taken out and the broth is then strained. The breast is finely cut into strips whereas the other parts of the chicken is cleaned of its innards etc., is finely cut and mixed with the cream.
This mixture is added together with the pieces of chicken to the broth and reboilled for five minutes. It is served hot with grated parmesan cheese and pieces of toasted bread. Other French uses entered into the Aretine cooking in these years and the cooking of the meat in fricass that consisted of basting the cooked meat lightly with the red of the egg well beaten with lemon juice.