This is the Italian region made up by the middle valley of the Adige river and its contributaries. The historical and linguistical confines correspond roughly to those of the province of Trent (Trento) which is an area of Italian language and tradition; the German speaking minorities (the populations of the Val dei Mocheni and the distant Val di Non) for some decades now, no longer conserve their own original language. As also, for the last fifty years, fifteen German speaking 'comuni' (towns/town councils) such as Ora, Egna, Salorno, to name some of the better known, have been transferred from the province of Trent to that of Bolzano. Because what differentiates the Trentino (the area around Trent) from the Alto Adige is, in fact, the prevalence of the Italian basis for the former, and the German basis for the upper valley of the Adige, the capital of which is Bolzano. The two zones, in fact, have different customs and uses which are also reflected in the cookery of the region, even though some dishes which they have in common are prepared in very different ways. The organization of the territory is also very different , as so are also the types of cultivation and the products. In the Trentino, the agricultural land is very subdivided and broken up, and, therefore, the agriculture is related to the rearing of animals which is favoured by the large amount of mountain land rich in summer Alpine pastures.