Red potatoes

In the Umbrian territory under the lee of the Apennine chain of mountains, are widely spread cultivations of grains and potatoes; in particular, for about ten years, there has been cultivated at Colfiorito the red potato.
Contrary to what has happened in the past with other varieties of potatoes, the dsire, of Dutch origin, are perfectly acclimatized on the plateau of Colfiorito and they have become a symbol product. Particularly appreciated in various gastronomic preparations, the red potato has a long-oval shape and a pulp of clear-yellow; it must be preserved in a fresh, and preferably dark, atmoshpere, to avoid the reduction in the nutritional value by way of evaporation and the actions of the enzymes which transform the starches into sugar. For the gnocchi is able to stand comparison, as it is possible to experiment, for example, with recipes which foresee some partnership, such as a fish typical of the lake Trasimeno, the pike (gnocchi di luccio).