The Veneto region is located in the north-eastern part of the Po valley and is bordered by the areas of Sarca-Mincio and Livenza, as well as by the Trentino region and the sea.
The terrain is somewhat varied being partly mountainous (Alpine and pre-alpine) as well as flat (higher ground, lowlands, sub-lagoon and lagoon areas which have been altered by human intervention). In Veneto, therefore, there are mountains , hills, valleys, the sea, lagoons and lakes; and while not lacking in industry, it is a predominantly agricultural area; cereals, forage plants, tuber crops and fruit plantations as well as wine growing are carried out here. In the overall view of the region, Venice and it’s hinterland are something of an area apart, also from the productive point of view, having for sometime been the object of particular attention for the development of fish production all along the gulf coast that faces onto the Adriatic sea.