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An excursion on horseback, across the green valleys, along one of many tracks existing in the Park; lang walks at down to the inner areas for animals sighting and to hear their voices; an excursion an Barrea's and Scanno's lakes; an ascension to Monte Marsicano orto the Palombo: all these are the ideal occasions for "using" the nature as a purifying detoxicant for the stress that wears out more and more, for finding the true dimension of more authentically human life.
In spring, when the last winter-snow still whitens the peaks and the beech woods sprout, the nature wakes up colouring the valleys with beautiful greens.
In summer, in the dry heat, moderated by the cool of the woods and the rivers that flow among the rocks and the stones of the Fondillo or Sangro rivers, when the green is deep, the need for the nature as "oasis" becomes stronger.
In Autumn, with its days still bright, the green blends with the yellow and the red with various and warm shades, waiting for the first, fresh snow that will whitens the mountains peaks and the highest woods.
In winter, the snow and the wind draw, among the dried up branches of the beech's woods and of the pine-needles, fantastic patterns so similar to the Pescasseroli's laces, while the animals in the Park announce their presence by their spurs on fresh snow.
These are the wonderful seasons of the Park!
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