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Risingin a zone full of Roman remains, in L'Aquila, according to the tradition handed down to us, there were 99 castles (villages) forming the city towards the mid-1200s, and this symbolic number was repeated in the 99 churches, 99 quarters, 99 squares, and 99 fountains.
And there are also 99 spouts on the fountain designed in 1272 by Tancredi da Pentima. The Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio, a masterpiece of Romanesque art in Abruzzo, was begun in 1287, founded by Pope Celestine V.
The facade of the Basilica of San Bernardino, which holds the remains of the saint from Siena, who died in L'Aquila, is in the Renaissance style. Adjoining the church is the Franciscan convent. Not to be missed is a visit to the Castle, an actual fortress built by the Spanish starting in 1534 and designed by Pirro Luis Escrib.
Each year on August 28th is celebrated the "Perdonanza", the forgivness granted by Pope St. Peter Celestine V, the famous Peter of Angelerio, the hermit of Monte Marrone who gave up the papal throne for humilty.


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