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Situated in the middle of Marsica, the city is a thriving commercial and industrial centre, thanks to the drainage of Lake Fucino (XIX c.). Avezzano was the epicentre of the 1915 earthquake which shook central Italy. Rebuilt, it was destroyed yet again at the end of World War II.
Museo Comunale. The museum contains a collection of funereal epigraphs and relics taken from excavations at Alba Fucens and other Marsican cities.
Museo della civilt contadina. The noteworthy ethnographie material displayed here, consisting mostly of objects for domestic and agricultural use, comes from a former Shepherd's Museum.
Castello Orsini. This spectacular building was built in 1490 by Virgilio Orsini, at that time feudal lord of the region. It was restored after the 1915 earthquake. The monumental portal decorated with ashlar-work is noteworthy.
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