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This is the 'south gate' of the lake created by the damming of the Sangro. And not far to the north the river returns as such, leaving behind the great lake surrounded by the hills of the Meta Massif and Monte Greco to the north. The town has little more than a thousand inhabitants and possesses many of the same features as the other towns in the valley: an old rural core with an attractive and simple aspect; a hill on which it stands overlooking the valley (and today the lake), with the remains of the ancient military and feudal structures of the castle at the edge, the round tower and the square one, the latter the extreme bulwark entered from the upper and lower gates. The long- time importance of the site is revealed here, tao, by some very ancient settlements, such as the Iron Age tombs, evidence of a human presence here from the earliest days.
Other signs of this cultural presence come from the church of San Tommaso (XVI century), damaged in the earthquake which struck in 1984, the church of Sant'Antonio Abate (XIV century) and that of San Rocco (XVI century).
At the centre of an area of great geographical interest, Barrea is the departure point for explorations of the mouths (valleys) of the Sangro, Lake Vivo, springs and forests.
Barrea is made even more charming by the large choice of accommodation facilities.

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