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At an altitude of 1250 m, Opi stands on the top of a small rise on the plateau, as a sort of watershed between the valleys of the Sangro, Fondillo and Fredda. With little more than 500 inhabitants, its name betrays its ancient origins. Situated at the boundary between the lands of the ancient Marsi and Caracene Samnites, its name is supposedly derived from the pagan goddess of abundance to whom a tempie was dedicated during the Italic era. This area was in fact the site of very ancient settlements, from the Paleolithic settlement on Monte Marsicano to the pre-Roman tombs in the Fondillo valley.
In feudal times Opi had a fairly complex history, passing from the D'Aquinos to the Marquis of Vasto to the Marquess of Pescara. lt was also annexed several times to nearby Pescasseroli and, like much of the surrounding area, belonged to the Kingdom of Naples until 1861. Like most mountain settlements, Opi consists in tightly-grouped houses, steep narrow streets and, above all, flights of steps which case the tiring climbs. But it has a fundamental layout particular to it (two rows of houses following the crest of the hill and meeting at the ends) with houses designed to combine the needs of the human inhabitants with the need to keep watch over the animals.
Two stories facing inwards towards the street for the family and two stories entered from outside the town, used as stables and storerooms. Two religious buildings bring a touch of art to a town appreciated above all for its simplicity: the church of Santa Maria Assunta was erected in the XII century, but several times damaged by earthquakes; rebuilt after the violent quake in the mid XVII century, of the original building only the belltower remains; and the chapel of San Giovanni Battista, described as an example of "sobre Abruzzo Baroque".
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