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Pescasseroli is in the Sangro upper valley; surrounded by wonderful mountains and by boundless centuries-old beechs, pine-trees, firs, maples, oaks. This is one of the most suggestive zone of Italy due to the wild beauties of the scenery and the extraordinary variety of both flora and fauna. Located in a wide plain at 1167 m.a.s.l., with a dry and healthy climate, it is the perfect place not only for your summer and winter vacations but also for spring- and autumn-holidays.
The tourist arriving to Pescasseroli is presented with a wonderful scenery: the walls of the tall houses of the "Costa". They almost as evidence of their century-old-existence, stand very close to the "Castello" hill, while the ruins of the ancient "Longobard Fortress" rise towards the sky. Further on, the elegant cistercian structure of the Cathedral with its romanesque campanile. In the "Castello" hill dominating the town as a grey and gigantic wall, almost overhanging one finds the ruins of an ancient civilisation. At the bottom of the hill, on the valley floor, flows the Sangro river. Pescasseroli takes its roots in the most ancient age. According to a legend (Silio Italico- De Bello Punico IX) it was founded by peligne population that, departing from their original ethnic stock during a "holy Spring", came to settle on the hill, now called "Castel Mancino".
Pescasseroli, in the "dark ages" belong firsts to the Celano's counts, then to the Sangro's and Aquino's counts, and finally to the Vasto's marquises. It has been also one of Vittoria Colonna's and Maria d'Aragona's feud. Every 8th of September a fair takes place in the main town square.

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