Campo Imperatore - Fonte Cerreto

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Climbing up from Assergi towards the Fossa di Paganica pass, or from the medieval village of Castel del Monte towards the Capo la Serra pass, or even from Farindola towards Vado di Sole, the horizon suddenly stretches and the spaces widen out, dimensions becoming immense as one finally looks out upon Campo Imperatore. The high plateau reaches an altitude varying between 1500 and 1900 meters. There is a gently rising incline, alternating with wetland plains of lake origin and moraines left from ancient glaciers, rock-glaciers, lateral moraines, glacial circles, gravel canals, "fiumare" waterfalls, and rocky walls. The surrounding heights which constrain them have become commonly defined as the "Piccolo Tibet" (Small Tibet), and are amongst the highest and most evocative of the Apennines. There is Scindarella and Monte Portella, with their spectacular glacial circles, Corno Grande, dominating from the top of its four peaks and Monte Aquila, its natural middle summit. There are also the Dolomites Brancastello and Monte Prena, with their weather-beaten forms rich with canyons, and then the grassy southern slopes of Monte Camicia.
Fonte Cerreto, a departure base for the slopes of Campo Imperatore, was built in the 1930's and is connected to the ski lift at an altitude of 2,200 meters by a daring cable railway. This picturesque cableway allows for a short ride to the slopes.