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Scanno is the most Bourbon town in Abruzzo on the shores of the lake of the same name. Bourbon because of the intricate network of streets, mansions and unexpected small squares, elegant balconies of noble design which recall the distant capital of the kingdom, Naples. The great Bourbon culture is betrayed in everything, in the buildings but also in the people, in the slow and measured gestures of the men, with their heads held high, and the tranquil look of people who have time to wait. And time itself is another sign of nobility: at midday the streets empty, because it is lunch time; then after lunch there is a brief siesta and then the return to business, the shops reopen, the jewellers' with their modest windows display examples of their skill, arabesques of gold like miniatures of the florid Gothic rose windows. And laces, this time not of gold but nonetheless precious, are produced by the swift hands of the lace virtuosos. Beauty is part of the culture here in Bourbon Scanno. To understand it we must wander through the streets: it would not do justice to the town to choose one palazzo or one church. Scanno should be lived, an effort should be made to walk its lanes, to climb its slopes, looking at a doorway, an arch opening onta the valley, a palazzo where, as we stand outside, we already know what there will be within, a woman in costume which is not a costume, but everyday clothes which look like a costume. Another sign of dignified nobility.
And then there is the other Scanno, the Scanno of tourism, made up of the lake, but also of the ski pistes, of girls in bathing costumes, of cultural and not so cultural shows, of hurried visitors asking the way to the park, of cars which here only serve to take you away, because the lanes and steps are reserved for more human contacts.
Scanno is made even more charming by the large choice of accommodation facilities on offer.

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