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Villetta Barrea is an important tourist centre in the Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo and it is located on the left of Sangro river, near Barrea Lake, at the feet of Mount Mattone. Famous for the limpidness of its waters and the purity of the air it is place vacations destination for adults and children. The lived centre rises in slope to the left of the Sangro river, to the outlet of the valley side of torrent Profluo, covered from the coming from road from the conca of Sulmona for the valico of Chiarano. Villetta Barrea with to the countries of Civitella Afedana and Barrea has succeeded to maintain to intact historical testimonies of great importance and interest. Nobles houses of the 500th, the churches of Saint Maria, S. Michele, S. Rocco and the evocative pine-wood of black Pine.
Today Villetta Barrea is asserted above all in the tourist field that occupies the greater part of the inhabitants thanks to the hotel enterprises, commercial and handicraft. To see the Graziani cove, rich of exhibits archaeological that takes the name from who explored it. Also the cultural manifestations and events are time to meeting above all in summer with musical concerts, festivals, associate-cultural, tourney and manifestations.
Villetta Barrea is more charming by the large choice of accommodation.

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