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Between the Sinello and Osento rivers, the ancient medieval borough of Casalbordino lies surrounded by olive trees, vineyards and orchards, and the Lido, the seaside section of the centre, is a beautiful destination for tourists in the summer. The most interesting part of the village, from a tourist point of view, is its beach. However the actual village (205 meters) lies inland and does not directly face the coast. It obtained its name from being a feud of Roberto Tordino or Bordino, since 1145.
The municipality comprises also a number of settlements ("frazioni"), among which the fine group aroung the Santuario della Madonna dei Miracoli, a important religious destination for pilgrims from all over the Christian world. A Roman settlement existed in the area, as shown by many findings. The medieval centre dates back to the IX century, when it was an agricultural establishment depending by the nearby benedictine monastery of Santo Stefano ad rivum maris (or in Rivomare); the name of the place comes from Roberto Bordinus, one of its early feudal Lords.
Casalbordino is made even more charming by the large choice of accommodation facilities on offer.

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