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Not far from Martinsicuro, to the south of the main town, is to be found the neighbourhood of Villa Rosa; this locality has developed over the last decade as a well equipped seaside resort popular for its large beach. Villa Rosa offers the possibility of an ideal holiday, especially for families, with its beaches of fine sand sloping gently down into the sea and the tranquillity of the life of the small town which both create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The seafront promenade is ideal for those who love to take a stroll and can also offer a cycling and pedestrian path linked with Alba Adriatica, Martinsicuro and Giulianova, for a total of 25 km.
Being off the usual, more commercial tourist track, Martinsicuro and Villa Rosa are still able to offer that genuine kind of hospitality which has always been a characteristic of the people of the Abruzzo region.