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The Regional Park Sirente Velino was created by the Region of Abruzzo in 1989. Its territory borders on Lazio to the west, on the Plain of Fucino to the south and on the river Aterno to the north. It includes Monte Velino, whose 2,468 m make it the Apennines third highest peak, and the massif of Sirente, which is formed by a single almost straight ridge of about 20 kms and whose topmost peak, called Monte Sirente, is 2,348 m high. The middle valley of the Aterno, the Subequana valley, the "Altopiano delle Rocche", and the northern part of Marsica are the four areas involved by the Parco Naturale Regionale del Sirente-Velino: a territory rich in history, in valuable historical, architectonic, and archaeological aspects, in unique natural environments, in suggestive Apennine sceneries, and in rare faunal and floral specimens.
Each one of the four above-mentioned areas has its own unique features, and this makes the Regional Park Sirente Velino an original place. The beechwoods are one of the main features and attractive aspects of the Park: above all, the beechwood on the northern slope of the Sirente, which extends itself for more than 12 km, from Rovere up to Gagliano Aterno. The mountain chains of the Sirente and of the Velino are the most interesting of the Apennine and second only to the Gran Sasso massif. There are many peaks over the 2.000 m: the so-called twin peaks Mt. Velino (m 2.486) and Mt. Cafornia (m 2.424), Mt. Sirente (m 2.348), Mt. Magnola (m 2.220), Mt. Cagno (m 2.153), Mt. Rotondo (m 2.060), Mt. San Nicola (m 2.012), Mt. Ocre (m 2.204). These chains are the ideal territory for the summer and winter excursion-loving people, because they have itineraries suitable for experts and for the beginners.
At Regional Park Sirente Velino there is tourist accommodation available in hotels, farm holiday, farmhouse, residence self-catering accommodation, mountain chalets, b&b, rooms for rent, holiday homes, camp sites and tourist villages.

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