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The gradual recovery, both economic and social, was mainly due to the presence of enterpreneus, notaries and landowners. In 1806 it became the capital of the Napoleonic Province of Basilicata. In the 18th and 19th centuries the city saw a lively and cultural life under the influence of the new ideas of the Enlightenment and it took an active part in the republican movement of 1799 and the Risorgimento. In the second half of the 19th century, the newly created Kingdom of Italy undertook to free the city and the surrounding region from its century-old isolation by creatin new road and rail networks fn the 20th century, especially in the aftermath of the II World War, Potenza became an important industrial and economic centre. Following the ravages of the war first, and of the 1980 earthquake later, an intense rebuilding activity has been underway, also due to considerable internal migration.
Entirely new areas and buildings have been designed and built, with sometimes unfortunate results. In recent years Potenza has shown renewed cultural activity: it became the seat of the regional university centre, founded in 1981, and of a Nationational Library, opened in 1996, which follows the most advanced methodology. The new facilities make available to scholars and the public the rich legacy of local heritage and histoncal documents.

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