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The city of Potenza, capital of the Basilicata Region, lies 820 m above sea level. As demonstrated by archaeological finds made near the cathedral, it grew from a settlement on the hill dating from the 4th century BC. This belies the suggestion of the mid 16th century that placed the town's first nucleus downstream, with subsequent transfer higher up in the 13th century. In all likelihood the small settlement started to grow larger with the arrival of refugees from the Lucanian city of Serra di Vaglio nearby, which had been destroyed by the Romans in the 2nd century BC. As Potentia, it became a Roman municipium within the Pomptinia tribe. Its prosperity continued throughout the republican age into early imperial times, when it was overtaken in importance by the nearby colony of Grumentum which was strategically better situated in terms of late imperial politics.
Pillaged by the Goths under Alaric in 402, Potenza was an Episcopal see from the 5th century, its Arst bishop was Herculentius (494) Potenza fell under the Longobard Duchy of Beneventum and later the Principality of Salerno. Already a bishopric at the time of the Longobards, throughout the 10th century it was raided by the Saracens The memory of that tragic period of violence and plunder is kept alive to this day by the traditional Turks' Parade which takes place every year at the end of May During the reign of the Normans and tater of the Hohenstaufens, between the 11th and the 12th centuries, the city enjoyed prospenty and politic prestige as well as reaching a solid economic position thanks to the presence of a dynamic middle class and skilled craftsmen. This had a direct positive result on the cultural and on the artist level (a medical and a law school were founded).
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