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Terranova di Pollino rises at the foot of Mount Calvario dominating the higher part of area surrounding the Sarmento river, a tributary of the river Sinni. Its origins date from the 15th century when it was granted in fee to the State of Noia (present-day Noepoli) after which it was named Terranova di Noia until the 19th century. The village was later ruled by the Pignatelli family. Noteworthy is the Church della Madonna delle Grazie housing a valuable Florentine-school painting dating from the 18th century and depicting the Madonna delle Grazie and S.Lorenzo Vinovo. Of great artistic interest is the parish church dedicated to St.Francis of Paola, built in the 16th century and restored in 1930 housing a 17th-century altar-piece by an unknown artist and an 18th-century painting depicting the Virgin Mary, St. Dominic and St. Catherine. Not very far from Terranova di Pollino on the top of Mount Catona, it is possible to admire the ruins of an old basilian monastery. From the village, which is situated in the National Park of the Pollino, it is possible to hike along the Serra Dolcedorme, the Serra delle Ciavole up to Mount Pollino. The lushy vegetation of beech and chestnut woods is typical of this territory which is a tourist attraction during summer and the ideal place where to pick mushrooms during winter. It is also possible to admire the "Pino Loricato", (a type of pine growing in Lucania) one of the most important trees in Lucania from an environmental and scientific point of view. Its scientific name, "Pinus Leucodermis" meaning "white skin" is referred to the white silver-coloured dry bark. It is commonly called "Pino Loricato", a name deriving from the similarity between its bark and the "lorica", the cuirass used by the Roman centurions. The economy of the village is mainly based on agriculture and husbandry; in fact, it is possible to find many cereal and animal breeding farms throughout the countryside surrounding Terranova di Pollino.

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