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If the Lucano Apennine has made Basilicata an evocative and ecologically intact region from a scenaric or naturalistic point of view, it has for years hindered its access to communication by means of motorway traffic. Basilicata is not however all mountains, in spite of those who can imagine it only thus, it is washed by two seas. To the west, pushing itself in between Campania and Calabria it is washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea on the steep and rocky coast of which appears Maratea a pearl of seaside tourism, with the simplicity and uncontaminated purity of the region it belongs to. To the south of the Ionian Sea, where a coastal strip of approximately 40 km with fine sand beaches and studded with hotel and other amenities in continuous development lies: the Lidos of Metaponto, of Scanzano and of Policoro are the best known and patronized. Behind them, on the Metaponto Plane, are the impressive remains of what civilization was able to create during the colonizing expansion on Italian ground between the 8th and the 5th centuries B. C.
If tourism has found its natural outlet on the Ionic and Tyrrhennic coastal strips, a more evocative and genuine tourisms offered inland to whoever goes in search of the simple and the genuine. Basilicata offers the best of these and the people show that affable hospitality deeply rooted in a past rich in history and culture.
The Lucan history and culture have distant origins. The lithic discoveries found in the Venosa are Paleohthic. The interesting rock paintings brought to light in the locality of Toppa li Sassi near Filiano (Potenza) belong to the Mesolithic period. The remains of tombs and dwellings found in the Matera area are Neolithic.

At Basilicata, there is tourist accommodation available in hotels, farm holiday, farmhouse, residence self-catering accommodation, b&b, rooms for rent, holiday homes, camp sites and tourist villages.

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