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The Greek and Roman civilizations have left evidence of great importance: Metaponto and Eraclea, Venosa, Matera, Melfi and Grumento are the most significant centres. From the 7th century to the 11th, linked to the form of the land and scenery, in Basilicata and aboveall at Matera, the true Thebaid of Italy, the monastical Order of St. Basil affirms itself giving life to a singular expression of art: the basilian laurels. These are grotto churches, about a hundred known ones, the walls of which have decorations and frescoes of remarkable interest. Lastly, the Normans, the Swabians and later the Angevins must be thanked for the Romanic and Gothic-Renaissance heritage in the religious architecture of the region and especially so in the castle architecture which finds its malar expression in the castles of Melfi, Castel Lagopesole and Miglionico.
Basilicata, however, is not only this but also folklore, a folklore which has its origins in history and of which the Lucan people, however much inclined towards innovation, are firm keepers. A deep religious faith, pervaded by an innate fatalism and by the spirit of magic, gives life to singular manifestations both of the Christian Liturgy and of particular historic events. Characteristic are the Turks Parade for the festivity of St. Gerard in Potenza and, in Matera, the festival of the Madonna of Bruna, protectress of harvest.

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