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Riviera dei Cedri (a tribute to the cultivation of citrons) is the name which identifies the territory also known as the Alto Tirreno Calabrese (Calabrian Upper Tyrrheanian Sea). It also encompasses a part of the mountainous area, made up of the lower slopes of the Pollino and Sila Massifs which arrive right up to the coastline. The Riviera is composed of 26 municipalities located between Tortora and Paola, making seventy kilometres of the most incredibly beautiful coastline. The Riviera, especially in its northern stretch along the Tyrrheanian coast of Cosenza, includes a series of towns which, in the past few years, have undergone significant transformations. In its farthest part, in the north- western part of Calabria, the introduction and superimposition of various Mediterranean peoples lead to them establishing there permanent cultural roots.
In these lands, the ancient Greeks and Romans, Byzantines, Lombards, Arabs and then again the Normans, Angevins and Aragonese all brought elements of their different civilisations which were grafted onto the local cultures. Citron is sought after by Jews who, every year in July and August come to the Riviera for collecting and controlling the small citrons which are indispensable for the "feast of bells " (Tabernacles), the Sukkoth which falls in the month of September and which is, for the Jews, the most important religious occurrence of the year. Today, citron is used in the kitchen, where the pleasures of the palate enter into partnership with refinement, and in a vegetarian diet when, in the scorching heat of the summer, citrus fruits are necessary for reintegrating lost mineral salts, being rich in potassium and fibre as well as being without fat; just as they are necessary in the Mediterranean diet where they contribute to the prevention of many degenerating illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and stress.

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