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The territory of the Natural Park of the Mount Caloria, bounded with the moutainous group of the Montea, already points out the passage to through nature of the Orsomaro to the more harmonious and rounded shapes of the Sierra Pantalonata and the Cozzo Cervello, covered by thick forests of beeches and chestnuts.
In this area the frequent rains have allowed the formation of small naturell invaders originated by the stagnation of the meteoric skaters, from which the Luke of the Tacho Men and the Laghicello, ancient sheets of spontaneous waters surrounded by a mature forest of beech embracing and protecting them.
The long passing of panoramic reliefs and thick reliefs by one after the other end to the south with Mount Cocuzzo, impressive rocky pyramid, with summit from which it is possible to admire one of the most suggestive landscapes of the whole Tyrrhenian coast.
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