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Passed through the Scalone pass one can reach one of the most geologically complex Calabrian mountainous systems that envelops in itself some Alpine aspects placed upon typical Apennine formations: the Coast Range, a long passing of relief one after the other of small elevation, placed parallel to the Tyrrhenian coast for a tract of around sixty kilometers, was one of the first systems to emerge from the waters of the pliocen period, raising until a thousand meters of altitude and determinating a territory extremely complex and diversified, that the erosion and the particular climate have always through the years modified.
The farthest nearby to the sea, always visible from the long varied ridge transforms these mountains in one natural bareer facing the humid currents coming from the Tyrrehenian, generating a particularly rainy climate characterized by the formation of typical fogs favouring the preservation of a wooded cloak extremely various and allowing the life of rare and unexpected species.
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