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Geologicaly similar with the Pollino massif, the Orsomarso mountains constitute the farthest ramification of the Appennine range, today completely included within the Pollino National Park limits.
Discovered a few years ago by studious and passionate people, because of its large landscape variety, the very deep valley, the sharpen summits, the rocky canyons and the thickening woods, this territory represents the last shelter of an authentic and mysterious wildness that has characterized the original Apennines range.
The northern part of the mountain group is embellished with the presence of the two extraordinary beautiful valleys, the Lao river valley and the Argentino stream valley, both from a long time recognized of an outstanding naturalistic value, till to he inserted within the fifteen National Natural Reserves present in Calabria. The catchment basin comprises natural elements of extreme environmental value, constituted with monumental bell towers made with Campanara and Crivo dell'Uomo Lungo stones, reliefs from the mountainous group of Mounts Palanuda and Caramolo, large pastures and upland prairies of the Calamoro and Nocacco plains, ideal places for cross-country ski, sportive activity well-known and practiced for a long time in these valley.

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