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At the center of the massif the top of the Cozzo del Pellegrino, the highest rounded summit with its 1987 meters high, where from its rocky heights it is possible to admire the whole Abatemarco river valley, enclosed between untouched forests and the intense blue of the Tyrrenian Sea.
Going down toward south we can met the mountainous group of Mount Mula, with a big rounded and vegetationless summut and the large and dizzy ridge of the Mount Montea, between vertical walls, sharpen spire and young woods of Loricate Pine; on its slopes we find the Portusata stone, monumental rocky monolith, edith an arched shape, that at sunrise and sunset are crossed by the sunbeam.
Surpassing the spectacular gorge of the Rosa river, the southern border of the mountainous group can be reached, signed by the rocky bastion of Mount La Caccia, that impressively stood out almost vertically into the sea.