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Sila National Park - This area is composed of both the Sila Grande and Sila Piccola areas. Sila Grande, characterised by the presence of its vast Austrian pine forest extending from an altitude of 1400 to 1700 metres, is united, lower down, with beech and chestnut trees. Sila Piccola is instead covered by wide formations of beech trees intermingled with a strong presence of white firs. Worth mentioning is the presence of one of the most substantial wolf nuclei in southern Italy, the maintenance of which, thanks to a protected area, has permitted a recent recolonisation of external areas. A natural presence of both roe deer and fallow deer, two species introduced to Italy in historical times, constitutes the base of the wolf's diet.
Between the arificial lakes of the Pollino and the Passante the find the most important touristic centers, from Palumbo attended zehether in summer or in winter, in Buturo, at the Mancuso village, historie resort center with its characteristic of wood houses in tipical Alpine stele from the begginning of the 19th. century.
The Silan territory, thanks to the variety of their Landscapes, is a touristic goal at any season of the year: in zeinter numerous chair lifts allow the practice of down hill skiing, while the numberless tracks that crossed the upland, becoming an authentic paradise for the cross-country ski passionates there is always more people pracicing this kind of sport; in summer the Sila offers one uf the widest excursionist roads, that can he travelled walking, on horseback or by mountain bike, to discover the sunny valleys, the stream fitted between the rocks, the wonderful woods that smoothly peak out over the lakes frequented by the mater sports lovers.

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