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In 1528 the town repelled with its might a French expedition and it was conferred the title of fidelissima and the imperial eagle's armorial bearmgs by Charles V. Ancient seat of studies Catanzaro has had famous names such as Vincenzo d'Amato, Elia d'Amalo, Girolamo Pinnellio. While if was slouly declining and was repeatedly destroying by earthquakes, it kept its dignity of chief town of province and then if became also seat of regional council. Destructions and rebuildings haven't saved much of the past except the royal castle called of Charles Upend some picturesque foreshortenings of baroque quarters. The churches of Sant'Omobono, San Giovanni Battista, the Basilica of Immacolata, Monte dei Morti, Osservanza, Francescani, Maddalena, Rosario (or San Domenico), San Rocco, Carmine, the cathedral of Assunta and Saudi Pietro e Paolo, Santa Barbara, Strat remain of the ancient town. Noteworthy are also the Ferrari and Fazzari palaces. Pleasant is the comunal "Villa Trieste", seat of a rich library. Frequented are the feasts and the fairs of San Vito (Juni, 13th and 15th), San Vitaliano )July, 16th), San Lorenzo (August, 5th and 10th) and the Good Friday's grandiose procession (Naca); since December to May is held in Catanzaro a good prose season.