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A first Catanzaro was a Byzantine fortress in a strategic position in order to defend the central Isthmus of Calabria. Quarters' names like Strato (Stratos means army) remind this military function of the town. Under the Normans Catanzaro, already groun in importance, was see and seat of count. Almost certainly the Loritello family can be reminded. Under the Swabian dynasty Catanzaro took by to the Lance family to a horn was related the king Manfred's mother. With the Angevin people Catanzaro was of Ruffo family, enemies of Manfred.
Peter II defended it agaist Roger di Laura during the Vespers Far. Ruffo's feoffs, once marquis of Crotone, extended from Neto to Stilaro and Stela. The town became the centre of a vast geographical and political area and almost capital of a semi-autonomous State. In the meantime in Catanzaro developed the art of the silk, which made Catanzaro a great industrial town: the "catanzariti" damask silks were required in all Europe. The count and marque Niccolo Ruffo evolved the town in hi long fight against keg Ladidaus. Hi frequent absences allowed Catanzaro to develop forms of self-government which u ere recognized and exalted by the House of Aragon's kmgs. In the 15th and 16th centuries in Catanzaro triumphed the art of silk. The materials of Catanzaro were required in all Europe.

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