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Sibari is an important centre linking the Tyrrhenian and Ionian coasts and successor of ancient Sybaris, the oldest colony of Great Greece along this tract of the coast, founded in the mid-8th century B.C. by the inhabitants of Trezene. According to historical records it stood between the rivers Crathis, or Crati as it is known today, and Sybaris, or Coscile today, which flowed separately into the Ionian Sea. Sybaris attained heights of great power and splendour, so much so that it provoked the hostility of Crotone, which conquered and destroyed the town in 510 B.C. The surviving inhabitants then founded a new town called Thourioi togheter with the Atheniese.
Sibari is identified by some as being ancient Sybaris. Nine Kilometres South of the present-day town, some remains have been discovered on the banks of the river Sibari of the ancient Greek colony. In the locality called Parco del Cavallo some walls and decorative parts of old buildings have been excavated, although the ancient town, which must surely be of greater proportions, still remains buried.

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