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In 710 after Christ Acbaean Myscellus in order to found a colony chose the place that the oracle of the Gods suggested as the most healthy in the world. His town got benefit from it so that its athletes became the most famous and its women the most beautiful in the Greek world such as Milo, Phayllus, Astylus, won many a time the Olympic, Pythian and Nernean games. When Polycletus wanted to paint Helen came to Crotone and chose the five prettiest girls as models. The medical school of Crotone became famous with Alcrneon and Democedes and its reputation drew the philosopher Pythagoras in Crotone. Famous is also the philosophical glory of Teano di Brontino.
The town, rich and powerful, vainly attacked Locri but in 510 it destroyed Sybaris. Crotone bravely fought against the great power of Syracuse, then against Bruttians and finally declined progressively in the Roman period. Neverthless Crotone was a diocesan centre and all through the Middle Ages and the modern period it was the only inhabited place and remarkable port on the Calabrian Ionic coast.

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