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The Sanctuary of the Madonna Greca - Many are the miracles which have made this a famous church, one of the most visited in the Crotone area. It houses a copy of the Madonna Greca's sacred table. Of very simple and humble structure, the sacred building is the most impressive in this territory. There are many legends which the local inhabitants recount about its construction and the miracles which took place there. In the immediate vicinity there exists a spring known as 'the well of the Madonna' which, before the construction of the modern aqueduct, it supplied water to the population and is thought by all to be responsible for dispensing miraculous healing. At a short distance from the sanctuary a much larger modern church is being built for the benefit of the numerous participants taking part in the pilgrimage in honour of the Madonna Greca. The Torre Vecchia (completed 1575 A.D.) - Cylindrical in form with a truncated cone base resting on a square foundation. It was used to give warning of Turkish pirates who would advance along the coast in order to carry out their raids. Up to 1800 A.D. an armed garrison with cannon was settled there, but it is now abandoned and deteriorating into a poor state due to erosion created by the wind and salt spray. The Torre Nuova (at the end of 1500 A.D.) - Of square structure , it has been recently restored and is still used by the customs officials. Pietranastase - A large square stone on whose summit tombs were discovered cut into the natural stone in which had been deposited , probably in a sitting position, corpses or urns containing their ashes. In the vicinity there have been discoveries of many other tombs and much evidence from remote times, indicating that the area was inhabited by a numerous prehistoric population.